Machines for fishing

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Needles for sewing machine Type 190R/180 - 10 pcs.

Bag of 10 pieces

€ 7.00 Incl VAT

North lift nethauler, NH-200, electric

€ 1,531.50 Incl VAT

Damex fish cleaning table
100% stainless steel

€ 294.66 Incl VAT

Munkebo hauler Electric

€ 7,206.13 Incl VAT

North lift net - and line hauler
NLH-200 electric

€ 1,807.66 Incl VAT

Damex skinningmachine

€ 1,132.66 Incl VAT

Do you want to make your workflow faster and easier?

We got skinningmachines just for you.