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More than 75 years a supplier to the fishing industry.

Frydendahl's første butik

Thomas Frydendahl founded in 1933 the Frydendahl company starting up in a tree house on the fishing harbour of Hvide Sande. Hvide Sande harbour was established in 1931.

Grocer Thomas Frydendahl ran a well assorted general store and ships chandlery selling food, tar, ropes and fishing nets etc.

In 1961 Thomas Frydendahl passed away and from 1969 the 3 sons – Mogens, Jens and Lars Frydendahl and a partner Vagn Kristensen continued, the business.

Frydendahl expanded the fishing net – and fishing equipment business and started exporting, the different products to Northern Europe.

Hvide Sande fishing harbour developes over the years so did the business of Frydendahl.

In 1972 Denmark entered the Europe Union and from then regulation of fish stocks took place by a quota system. The free fishing disappeared and little by little the number of fishing vessels was reduced. By this, the business fundamental of Frydendahl also was reduced. 

In 1985 Frydendahl purchased Sigfred Hau`s braiding company situated in Løgstør and moved the activities to Hvide Sande and continued the braiding activities under the name Hau Nylon.

A few years after Frydendahl also purchased Th. Ørbech and sons – established in 1889. A company with a good reputation 

Frydendahl then established a wholesale department under the name Ørbech en Gros, in order to operate mainly in the Scandinavian market Norway, Sweden and Denmark as wholesellers.

In 2006 Frydendahl again purchased a company which also operated in the fishing industry in Denmark – Daconet situated in Skive.

After a few years Frydendahl moved the activities of Daconet to Hvide Sande and continued the activities here under the name Daconet/Frydendahl.

Daconet brought as well a large group of customers, skilled employees and a wide range of fykes and equipment into the Frydendahl group.

Frydendahls bygninger i dag 

In this way Frydendahl has developed from a small treehouse to an international company with production of fishing nets, fykes and other equipment in as well Malaysia and Estonia.

Frydendahl Im- & Export A/S
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6960 Hvide Sande

Tel. +45 9731111

fiskenet@frydendahl.com / daconet@daconet.dk