Bigbag, A1-390 L.

(A1390 L)

70 x 70 x 80 cm

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Bigbag, A1-390 L, 70x70x80 cm

Bigbags are a flexible and easy solution for storing and transporting large quantities of goods. The bags can be used for virtually all types of purposes, for example for storage of fishing nets and gear, construction waste, trash, garden waste, all kinds of foods, and so on.

Design: Open Top / flat bottom.

Max weight: 1250 kg.

Dimensions (AxBxC): 70 x 70 x 80 cm.


For larger orders - contact us

If you need 100 bigbags or more, perhaps with your logo and name tag - contact us for a special offer.

Standard types without print can be delivered from our warehouse, and we offer many different types of bigbags when placing an advanced order for delivery within 4-6 weeks from the order date.

Quantity equivalent to containers or more - contact us for a separate offer, based on direct delivery from the factory in Turkey and likewise, direct invoicing to you.

Other types

We are able to supply many other types of bigbags, eg. Q-bag, Cross Loop, One Loop, or Two Loop. You can see more illustrations on our website


To ensure a safe workflow (SWL) and safety factors (SF) around bigbags, the details of the safety label, which is sewn to the bags, must be followed.

The following details are on the label:   

  1.     Producer
  2.     The bag's specifications
  3.     Volume
  4.     Safe workload
  5.     Capacity
  6.     Security factors (5.1 * or 6.1 **)
  7.     Internal test results
  8.     testing numbers
  9.     testing Date
  10.     production Date
  11.     Storage Recommendations
  12.     Outdoor protection
  13.     Correct and incorrect lifting methods
  14.     Recycling rating environment
  15.     Instructions

It is recommended to follow the safety label's instructions before starting to use bigbags. It is also recommended to be aware of possible sharp corners in the surroundings/objects that may damage the bags. Although the bags are produced in UV resistant P.P. woven material, bags for outdoor storage should be protected from rain and sunlight.