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Sewing machine Brother KE-430HS-05

W/ electronic standard table
without pneumatic and pressure foot lifting

€ 10,079.50 Incl VAT

Brother Type KE-430HS-05 w/alu table

W/ electronic alu table
without pneumatic and pressure foot lifting

€ 11,432.25 Incl VAT

Alu. table for Brother KE-430

€ 521.25 Incl VAT

Pneumatics for lifting pressure foot

for fishing net sewing machine

€ 725.13 Incl VAT

Needles for sewing machine Type 190R/180 - 10 pcs.

Bag of 10 pieces

€ 7.00 Incl VAT

Fishing net Sewing machine

 If you are mounting many fishing nets yourself, the Brother gillnet sewing machine is an effective and powerful tool for you. It removes physical strain from arms and shoulders that you will experience if you mount the nets manually - and is quick and effortless to use.

If you need more information about the Brother gillnet sewing machines we offer, you are more than welcome to contact customer service at +45 97 31 13 11. You can also send us an email at the following: