Our yachtlines are produced by 100% polyester. Braided polyesterlines are a weatherproof product, which are easily controlled in low temperatures. 

The yachtlines are produced in our own factory in Estonia.

Please call us if you have any queastions!

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Standard sheet, white w/blue marker thread

EUR 0.38 Incl VAT

Super sheet

EUR 0.63 Incl VAT

Masterhalyard. white w/blue marker thread

EUR 0.50 Incl VAT

Hau Dyneema - white w/yellow and red marker thread

EUR 1.63 Incl VAT

Hau Dyneema, more colors

Blue // Red // Yellow // Black

EUR 1.63 Incl VAT

Trimlines m/core. white w/red marker thread

EUR 0.00 Incl VAT

Chockcord , white w/black mark thread

EUR 0.13 Incl VAT

Standard halyard, white

EUR 0.13 Incl VAT

3.str. Danline 32 mm, 20 mtr, with 1 mtr reinforced eyespl.

EUR 83.50 Incl VAT