Braided leadlines

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PP mono leadline

€ 22.50 Incl VAT

PP multi leadline

€ 61.25 Incl VAT

Eng. type leadline

Eng. type

€ 16.25 Incl VAT

Hau leadline multi

€ 1.41 Incl VAT

Polyester leadline

€ 176.25 Incl VAT

Danline leadline

€ 2.19 Incl VAT

Braided leadlines are a quality product and are available in various types. Braided leadlines are used for mounting fishing nets.

Braided leadlines from Daconet are produced with beaded lead covered with braided P.P or polyester.

Hau sinklines

In recent years, the usage of lead in the fishing industry has drawn the attention of both The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and the EU. The EU has declared that a ban on usage of lead in the oceans might be necessary. As a responsible supplier to the fishing industry, Frydendahl has developed Hau Sinkline, as a sinking element.

Hau Sinkline is still being developed and will be ready for production if The Ministry of Environment and Food or the EU issues a ban on the use of lead.

Frydendahl will only start production/sales if the legislation on the use of lead is changed.