HAU Sinkline

HAU Sinkline



Dimensions Kg pr. 100 mtr Mtr pr. carton Marking tracer Cat. no.
1,50 3,9 kg 400 mtr Reed/yellow/blue/black 432003910S
2,00 4,5 kg 400 mtr Red/blue/blue 432004510S
2,50 7,0 kg 300 mtr Red/yellow/blue 432000710S
2,75 9,0 kg 300 mtr Red/black 432000910S
3,00 11,0 kg 200 mtr Red/orange/blue 432001110S
3,50 14,0 kg 200 mtr Red/blue 432001410S
4,00 17,0 kg 100 mtr Red/blue/black 432001710S


In recent years, the use of lead lines in the fishing industry has drawn the attention of both the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and the EU, and warnings have already been given on the use of these in the fishing industry. As a responsible supplier to the fishing industry, Frydendahl has developed Hau Sinkline, which is based on zinc as a sinker.

Hau Sinkline is still being developed and will be ready for production if the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark or the EU issues a ban on the use of lead.

Frydendahl will only start production/sales if the legislation on the use of lead is changed.