Raadvad knives

Raadvad is a danish company, foundet back in 1758. At first the company started the production of files, nagels, pans and tools. After first world war the production changed, and from then on, Raadvad only produced knives. With almost 100 years of experience in producing knives, they've reached one of the best qualities on the knife market.

Here by Daconet you'll find a great range in knives for fishing, we offer filettingknives, codknives and many more. 

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Raadvad Knife 0750-15

€ 16.75 Incl VAT

Raadvad Cod Knife, no. 1506

€ 10.63 Incl VAT

Raadvad Cod Knife 1509

€ 10.13 Incl VAT

Raadvad knife, no. 7508

€ 18.88 Incl VAT

Raadvad Knife, no. 7510

€ 11.50 Incl VAT

Raadvad Knife 9322-16

€ 15.25 Incl VAT

Raadvad Knife 9324 -18

€ 18.63 Incl VAT

Sharpening steel, length: 250 mm

€ 20.13 Incl VAT

Raadvad Sharpening Steel

€ 23.50 Incl VAT