Shrimp nets

8mm knotless nylon - net nr. 3, green.

Shrimp nets are used by sweeping along the sea-bottom to catch shrimps, this way of fishing does not require experience but can be carried out by children and adults. A popular activity for people who spend their Hollydays or live near the coasts and beaches.

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Shrimp net Small

Wooden shaft Length: 125 cm

€ 41.00 Incl VAT

Shrimp net Large

Wooden shaft Length: 170 cm

€ 51.88 Incl VAT

Shrimp net Medium

Bamboo shaft
Length: 150 cm

€ 27.75 Incl VAT

Pre-cut shrimp net small and medium

8mm x 50½ma x 212kn

€ 5.63 Incl VAT

Pre-cut shrimp net large

8mm x 50½ma x 212kn

€ 9.00 Incl VAT