Shrimp fykes

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160/4 Shrimp fyke

With or without leader

€ 145.03 Incl VAT

200/4 Shrimp fyke

single and double

€ 201.83 Incl VAT

Barrier net for 160/4 shrimp fyke

€ 3.34 Incl VAT

Barrier net for 160/5 shrimp fyke

€ 3.51 Incl VAT

Barrier net for 200/4 shrimp fyke

€ 3.69 Incl VAT

Shrimp fykes are produced single or double in nylon netting - green.

Single shrimp fykes are being supplied with or without leaders. Mesh size of the netting is 8 mm sq.

Double shrimp fykes consist of two fykes, with a 10-meter leader in between. The meshsize of the netting is 8,0 mm sq.