Fyke hoops

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Stainless steel rings

€ 6.38 Incl VAT

Fyke hoops - fibreglass

€ 12.50 Incl VAT

Stainless steel ring set

€ 37.63 Incl VAT

D-shaped front hoops

€ 16.00 Incl VAT

Hoop protector - 50 meter

Ruller af 50 meter

€ 222.25 Incl VAT

Fyke hoops (fyke rings) are being manufactured in stainless steel type - SS2343- Swedish quality. The hoops are being supplied in different sizes (DIA of hoop).

Hoops for fykes are delivered with thread sizes from 4 to 8 mm. 

At Daconet we are also producing fiberglass-hoops, which can be used for larger fykes.

The advantage of using hoops made in fiberglass is the strength and the stability of the hoop mixed together with small rills in the hoop, which makes it easier to mount.