Eel fykes

Our eelfykes are being produced at our own factory in Malaysia.
Beside our standard fykes, we also produce and deliver special fykes. Just call us for a good offer!

We also have a large assortment for the fisherman, who wants to make or repair parts of the fykes himself. 

It is allowed to use eelfykes everywhere in european waters. 

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Eelfykes without leader

€ 66.00 Incl VAT

Eelfyke Single with leader

€ 97.13 Incl VAT

Double Eelfyke 60/5

Complete with leader

€ 135.00 Incl VAT

Double Eelfyke 79/5

Complete with leader

€ 183.75 Incl VAT

Double Eelfyke 80/7

Complete with leader

€ 251.75 Incl VAT

Double Eelfyke 100/7

Complete with leader

€ 302.75 Incl VAT