Here you'll find various types of nets for Monkfishfishing. We deliver the nets as monofil in different lenghts from Blue Star. 

The Nets are mounted as ground nets, with float and -sinklines. The float and -sinklines are cumstomized after the environment.

Monkfish nets are delivered in standardmeasures and mounted with the best quality float and -sinklines after your request

Do you need help finding the right net? Just call us!

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0.70 x 180mm x 12,5ma x 505kn
Monofilbus (Grøn)

€ 25.13 Incl VAT


0.70 x 180mm x 12,5ma x 2000kn
Monofilbus (Grøn)

€ 82.75 Incl VAT