Unmounted nets 

The best quality in unmounted nets, when you want to mount it yourself.

The quality of the nets you use, and the quality of your mounting are crucial to your catch and results. 

We are very discerning when it comes to purchasing fishing nets, and we only purchase the best quality on the market. 

Facts about unmounted nets

When you have to choose your net, you need to think about a few factors, for an example the thickness of the tread, masquesize, lenght, depth, type and the colour of the net. 
Do you want to go fishing from the 1. july - 15. november, you need to be aware, that it's only allowed to use 50 mm (or under)half-masque, og 65 mm half-masque (or over).

The net

A net comes in different types, the most used in danish netfishing are monofil, multimonofil and supermonofil nets.

The thickness of the tread

The thinner the tread, the better the results. You allways have to consider the strengt and capacity of your net, when you're thinking about purchaising the right net. When the tread is thick, the net gets a bit more "rigid", and when the tread is thinner, it's more effective and it's easier to wind the fish.


The size of the masques are allways measured as "halfmasques", and is used to decide which fish you desire to catch. It is also used for measuring the lenght and depth of the net. 


Many fishermen think that the colour of the net has a effect. We got different colourtypes for all nets. 

Speciel for hobbyfishermen

As a hobbyfisherman you need to be aware of the rules about floating-nets and bottomnets. If you're using floatingnets, the nets can only be maximum 3 meters, and 1,5 meters if you're using Bottomnets. Furthermore you can only use 6 fishingtools, - 3 of these fishingtools can be nets, with a maximumlenght on 135 meters.