Fully rigged salmon nets

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Trout Driftnet

0.28 x 65mm x 11,5ma x 3000kn
45 m floatline no. 5.0
49,5 m leadline no. 1.5

€ 77.75 Incl VAT

Trout Driftnet

0.28 x 65mm x 18,5ma x 3000kn
45 m float line no. 5.0
49,5 m sink line no. 1.5

€ 83.63 Incl VAT

Salmon Driftnet

0,52 x 70mm x 47½ ma x 1000kn
33 m PP film rope 8 mm w/ 19 EVA 245 float
34 m lead line no. 2,0

€ 131.75 Incl VAT

All salmon nets are made with standard measures and can be made with custom configurations after your request. Every net is made with first quality float lines and sink lines.

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