With 1,5 kg metalweight

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  Metal plate - standard

On the westcoast of Greenland metal plates are used when fishing with longlines or gillnets from open boats
The fisherman fastens a metal plate to one end of the longline or the gillnet in order to spread out the metal plate at the same time as the longline or gillnet is on its' way to the bottom of the sea

Due to this, the longline or gillnet covers a larger area of the seabed and this optimizes the fishing.

The metalplate is made with 2 holes which are made in order to fasten the metal weight to the plate

Variant Dimensioner Thickness Pcs. Price
281010KOMP 445 mm x 590 mm 1,0 mm
€ 21.12
2810KOMP 445 mm x 590 mm 0,5 mm
€ 15.84
281110KOMP 445 mm x 590 mm 1,0 mm
€ 30.48
2811KOMP 445 mm x 590 mm 0,5 mm
€ 21.60