Fish hooks and accessories

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Yellow tags, 6 pcs.

€ 3.50 Incl VAT

Buoy floats type SC

€ 5.63 Incl VAT

Duka net needles

€ 1.25 Incl VAT

Dhan buoys 1,96m w/1 flag & reflex

€ 45.50 Incl VAT

Buoy flags (Daco)
25 x 25 cm

Black, red, orange and yellow

€ 1.88 Incl VAT

Light reflector tape, yellow

I rulle eller anbrud

€ 12.50 Incl VAT

4-fluke anchor - galvanized

€ 16.00 Incl VAT

Dhan buoys 1,96m w/2 flag & reflex

€ 51.50 Incl VAT

Buoy flags polyester
35 x 50 cm

black, red, orange and yellow

€ 3.38 Incl VAT

Longline-fishing and jigging are one of the world's oldest ways of fishing and still way of fishing is still carried out all over today. It is allowed for hobby fishermen to use this form of fishing.

At Daconet you'll find everything you need for your longline-fishing, including quality hooks from Mustad. Mustad has more than 175 years of experience of producing fish hooks.  

Krogfiskeri for fritidsfiskere

Som fritidsfisker må du gerne anvende krogliner til dit fiskeri, og du må anvende op til seks sæt krogliner med 100 kroge på hver.

Det er dog ikke tilladt at anvende krogliner i perioden 1. maj til og med den 30. september.