Buoy floats, buoy weights etc.

The buoy floats and buoy weights are used for mounting buoys to be used for marking fishing nets at sea. These materials are sold to the fisherman who wants to mount his buoys himself. They are also part of the production of pre-assembled buoys.

Remember that your buoys must be at least 1,2 meters above the water surface and the weight at the bottom has to be heavy so that it does not turn around in the water surface at the sleightest wind.

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Buoy floats type SC

€ 4.75 Incl VAT

Purse seine floats

€ 5.75 Incl VAT

Purse seine float - Second hand

€ 3.38 Incl VAT

concrete sinker w/handle, 5 kgs.

€ 13.00 Incl VAT

Plastplug, yellow 24,5 - 27,8 mm (conical)

€ 0.38 Incl VAT

Zink weights for dhan buoys

€ 11.50 Incl VAT

Lead weights for dhan buoys

1 - 5 kg
must not be used in Denmark

€ 13.63 Incl VAT