Waders and Thigh Waders

Waders and thigh waders are widely used by fishermen, anglers, hunters or by everyone who works near water. We stock high-quality waders from leading brands like Ocean and Damex.

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Damex Waders

€ 63.88 Incl VAT

Damex seaboots

€ 43.63 Incl VAT

Damex waders Size: 23

€ 49.13 Incl VAT

Neopren waders seal force 5mm.

€ 169.63 Incl VAT

Bootholders for waders

€ 17.38 Incl VAT

Aquaseal rep. glue for waders

€ 8.00 Incl VAT

Repair-kit for waders & seaboots

€ 9.25 Incl VAT