Viking Liferafts

Do you make wise decision before leaving the harbor? We just have to state that your liferaft is one of your most important pieces of boat equipment onboard.

The ocean is one of the worlds most inhospitable places to end up in, and chances of survival is minimal. Never compromise with your life saving equipment, and it doesn't make any difference if you're heading out for a short fishing trip near the coast or embarking an open ocean voyage. The only thing you always should bring with you is - your liferaft!

At you can find high quality liferafts from the Danish manufacturer Viking Life-Saving Equipment, and every liferaft is delivered with a certificate stating the date of manufacturing.

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Viking 4 VFI Liferaft

€ 1,942.63 Incl VAT

Viking RescYou Pro Liferaft

€ 2,652.75 Incl VAT

Viking RescYou™ Liferaft

€ 2,121.63 Incl VAT

Viking RescYou Coastal Liferaft

€ 1,870.25 Incl VAT