Hempel fortyndere 

Why should you dilute your paint? First of all you'll experience that diluted paint has a better flow and is absorbing much better than non-diluted paint. Second of all, your paint will cover a much bigger area. 

Always read the instructions, and use the thinner described underneath ind the guide, - Other thinners might ruin both paint and the successive painting-job. 

Here you'll find our selection of thinners from Hempel.

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Hempel Thinner 851

EUR 15.63 Incl VAT

Hempel Thinner 845

EUR 14.00 Incl VAT

Hempel Thinner 808

EUR 13.50 Incl VAT

Hempel Thinner 811, 750 ml

EUR 12.50 Incl VAT

Hempel Thinner 871, 750 ml

EUR 15.63 Incl VAT


Product 808 811 845 851 871
Primer Undercoat   PRSM      
Underwater Primer   PRS       
Light Primer     PRS    
Sealer 599     P    
Hard Racing Xtra PR        
Hard Racind White PR         
Mille NCT/NCT White PRM        
Mille Xtra PR         
Classic PR         
Alusafe PRM        
Ecopower Cruise PRM        
Ecopower Racing PRM        
Brilliant Gloss S PR      
Non-Slip Deck Coating PRSM        
Multicoat S PRM      
Polygloss       S PR
Wood Impreg   PM      
Favorite Varnish   PSM      
Classic Varnish   PSM      
Dura-Gloss Varnish/Dura-Satin Vernish   PSM      
Diamond Varnish       P S

P: Brush, R: Roll, S: Spray, M: Paintingcushon