Mest solgte produkter

4-fluke anchor - galvanized

€ 17.41 Incl VAT

2-fluke anchor - galvanized

€ 10.55 Incl VAT

Mushroom anchors

€ 11.25 Incl VAT

M. anchor - galvanised

€ 13.35 Incl VAT

4-fluke anchor - ungalvanized

€ 79.75 Incl VAT

Grappel, Galvanized

9, 14 or 27 kg

€ 31.31 Incl VAT

Netanchor -Galvanised

€ 84.21 Incl VAT

Here by Daconet you'll find various types of anchors in our selection. 
Every type of anchor are approved and fits every purpose. Almost every type are produced galvanized as not-galvanized.

We are also capable of producing after your wishes.

If you can't find what you'r searching for, please call us!